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From Actor to Host, from Rugby Player to Bull Rider. from Military Soldier to Senior Management Consultant and High Tech Sales Executive, from Trained Dancer to Race Horse Owner and Horse Developer, Daniel Fathers is Canada’s quintessential ‘Renaissance Man’.

Although Los Angeles based, Daniel constantly splits his time between Los Angeles and Canada depending on what projects he’s working on.

Born in London, England to theatre parents, he received a scholarship to train and become a national athlete in both Rugby and Track.

Moving to the Saskatchewan as a teenager and later to Toronto, Ontario and then Los Angeles, Daniel spent twelve years in the corporate world, before deciding entertainment was really where he belonged… Since making that life changing decision, doors opened for him to star in major Hollywood films and Broadway theatre productions such as the Tony Award winning musical in Toronto ‘Mamma Mia!’ and Disney’s ‘Camp Rock’, as Uncle Brown, with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, (viewed internationally by approximately 200 million viewers) and ‘Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam’, which won the production and 2010 People’s Choice Award for which he is internationally recognized by teens and tweens…


After spending the last 3 years traversing between Los Angeles, New York, Calgary, Puerto Rico and Toronto, Daniel’s acting career is busy to say the least!  He currently has recurring guest starring roles on:

·      ‘The Transporter’ (HBO Cinemax)

·      ‘Heartland’  (CBC)

·      ‘King’ (Global, Showcase)

·      ‘Really Me’ (ABC Family – Disney, Family Channel)

Other notable ‘Guest Star’ appearances recently have been internationally acclaimed TV series, such as:

·      ‘Combat Hospital’ (ABC, Global)

·      ‘Flashpoint’ (CBS, CTV)

·      ‘The Listener’ (CTV)

·      ‘90210’ (CBS)


As a Reality TV Host, Daniel is becoming a nationally recognized name and face, partly due to his Hosting of ‘Canada’s Greatest Know It All’ for Discovery Canada, which was the highest rated “New Series Premiere” of all time history for any Discovery Channel internationally.





In the commercial and voice-over world, Daniel has over 100 credits to his name, and is currently most widely recognized pitching for Acura, Axe and Nabob. He has also recently been hired by George Lucas to do the voices of multiple characters in the upcoming STAR WARS- The Old Republic video games.

Paul Newman had his race cars, Daniel Fathers has his horses

There is a reason Daniel landed the recurring role on CBC’s “Heartland” as Stewart Forrest, Canada’s Olympic Equestrian Coach and Trainer. Since his mother sent him away as a young boy to become a Stable Lad at a Steeplechase Training Facility in southern England, he has had a passion for horses. He is an active Quarter Horse Race Horse owner and breeder with his partners. He trains horses, from starting colts to development of his and other horses.

Rodeo Cowboy – Bull Rider

As a Rodeo Cowboy, Daniel attended rodeo school for bull fighting and riding. Daniel is a member of the I.P.R.A. (International Professional Rodeo Association) and the CCA (Canadian Cowboy Association) as a Professional Bull Rider. He made his professional debut as a Bull Rider on a PBR Bull named ‘314 Get Jiggy’… When not working with horses, or filming, He will be on the IPRA and Dodge Ram Rodeo Tours covering bulls for 8 Seconds!


 Race Horse Owner

In 2011 his stunt double and long time friend Paul Rutledge, convinced him to partner up in the Quarter Horse Racing Industry. They currently own ‘Luck Be A Lady B’ entering her second season of racing as a 4 year old and ‘Slipping By DH’ from which they have started their breeding program

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Daniel is the proud father of daughter Ariana, a 3rd year Communications major at University of Wilfred Laurier, who joins him as a Production Assistant on ‘Canada’s Greatest Know It All’ and bosses him around on set… She takes her job VERY seriously!



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